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Anime, Gaming & Cosplay To The Next Level!

Following a sellout event last February, we shall be hiring out the ENTIRE usable area of the London Metropolitan, resulting in the event being over 50% larger. The newly acquired Graduate Centre will be put aside entirely for Video Gaming. The former VG areas will be utilised for an expanded Cosplay Cafe, Anime Screenings, Artists, TCGing and even more dealers than ever before!

Click HERE to go book your tickets now. A discounted £20 for the entire weekend which includes the Friday Cosrave Party in the ticket.

Tickets are also available on the door for £14 for Saturday and £10 for Sunday. Doors open at 10:30am to prepaid and at 11am to those paying on the day.

Need help finding us, or want to ask a question? Email us on info@animeleague.com. Make sure to check out our sister event, Alcon on 5-8 September.

These are events run by Animeleague. We are one of the largest anime communities in the world. Come join us at www.animeleague.net

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